The North West Labour Party is Bringing the Change! Be a Part of It!

One Nation Britain- That is the vision of the Labour Party. Anyone who wants to be the driving force for a better Britain can volunteer and spread awareness. If you are considering it, you must know a little more about the party that you are extending your support to.

The Labour Party- a Brief History

Launched in 1900, the Labour Party is a centre left party in the United Kingdom. In the year 1920, they came into the public eye after overtaking the Liberal Party in the general elections. With ideologies that are extremely socialist and social democratic moderately, the Labour Party is the result of strong ideologies that are diverse in nature.  Because of its democratic, socialist approach, every citizen can be part of their operations and help them better the party.

How Does the Party Function?

The North West Labour Party consists of a very transparent and open policy development process. This allows the people, the party and the government remain in contact to create policies that are beneficial to everybody. All civilians whether they are individuals, youth, unemployed individuals, retired individuals or even students can become members of the Labour party to be part of policy development.

The views of all the party members are considered to create new policies that not only help the party grow but are also in complete public interest. These ideas are considered as contributions to the election manifesto of the Labour Party. The structure of the party also is quite simple, enabling civilians to understand their operations easily.  

·         Branch: The councilors are elected at the branch level which is the local party for every ward. This is where most of the party work happens as the members are given a chance to choose council candidates.

·         Constituency: Several branches are combined to create a constituency from which Members of the Parliament are elected. One member from each constituency is selected by the members to represent the area at the annual conference.


How Members can Be Involved?

Enrolling as a member for the North West Labour Party is quite simple. All you have to do is submit a membership application online. Once you are a member of the party, there are several ways that you can  be involved:

·         Attend local and regional policy forums: These are informal gatherings where discussions are encouraged and ideas are submitted by members.

·         Send suggestions online: The Your Britain website is an exclusive website that has been created to receive ideas from members. This website allows members to submit suggestions and views for various policies throughout the year.

·         Volunteer for campaigns: you can sign up as a member and be part of all their campaigns. You can develop campaigns as well to raise awareness about the party.

·         Donations: Monetary donations as well as campaigns that can raise funds for the party are welcome. Party members can contribute in either way to help the party improve operations.



The goal is to retain the socio-democratic approach of the party and create a government that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people. 

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The North West Labour Party is the Change that you have been dreaming of.



Let us take a look at what a few members have to say

I was amazed at the amount of work that I as a civilain could do for the betterment of my country. I am extremely inspired after going through the massive amount of information that has bee put together here. 
Rubie J. Alford
Framingham, MA

Finally a website that is dedicated to providing necessary information about the North West Labour Party. I have always supported them and was looking for a forum that would direct potential party members through the entire application process. 
Augustine D. Smalls
Video Concepts

The amount of information available about the North West Labour Party is amazing. And since it is exclusively directed to the public, the number of supporrters will also increase drastically creating more awareness and more involvement of people in the formation of policies. 
Heidi W. Brantley
Calumet, MI

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